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Construction scheme of the geotextile fabric

By Jiachi June 9th, 2023 89 views
Construction scheme of the geotextile fabric

1. Store, transport, and dispose of geotextiles

Geotextile rolls should avoid damage before installation and deployment. Geotextile rolls should be stacked in a flat place, with a height of no more than four rolls, and the identification sheet of the rolls can be seen. Geotextile rolls must be covered with opaque material to prevent UV aging. During storage, keep the label and the data complete.
During transportation (including transport from the site of material storage to the work site).
Geotextile rolls with physical damage must be repaired. Seriously worn geotextiles should not be used. Any geotextile exposed to a leaking chemical reagent is not permitted for use in the Works.

2. Laying method of geotextile

2.1 Use manual rolling; the surface shall be flat and proper deformation allowance

2.2 Silk or short silk geotextile is usually installed by lap, stitching and welding methods. The width of suture and welding is generally over 0.1m, and the lap width is generally over 0.2M. Geotextiles that may be exposed for a long time should be welded or stitched.
2.3 Suture of the geotextile
All sutures must be performed continuously (e. g., spot is not allowed). Before the overlap, the geotextile must overlap at least 150mm. The minimum needle distance is at least 25mm from the woven edge (material exposed edge).
The sewn geotextile joint includes 1 line and line lock chain joint method. The thread for suture shall be resin material with minimum tension exceeding 60N and have chemical corrosion and UV resistance comparable to or beyond the geotextile.
Any "missed needle" on sewn geotextiles must be resewn in the affected area.
Corresponding measures must be taken to avoid entering the soil, particulate matter or foreign material into the geotextile layer after installation.
The lap of cloth can be divided into natural lap, seam connection or welding according to the terrain and use function.
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